Modding A Power Supply To Become GPU Dedicated

Hey guys, this is the first guide I ever wrote back in 2008 when I was just starting out in the community. I originally published this guide on, but decided to put it back on here as well.

So. I have an 8800GTS 320MB sitting around. I want to use it, but how do I place it into a Rig that has only a 300W power supply without blowing the thing up? How do I do this without spending money?

The answer is mod yourself a GPU dedicated PSU.

Heres what I did.

I have an old dell that sits around and collects dust. So I decided to part it out for fun. I realized that I had a perfectly good 250W power supply. Now, I know power supplies have been modded before to work without mobos, but this one wasn’t any normal ATX PSU. So I started to research the pinout on the particular power supply. I stumbled across this:


This is the exact pinout for my power supply. I discovered the Grey wire is the switch for the PSU. I need to connect this to ground, in order to get the PSU running without a motherboard. Then I could connect it to a molex to 6-pin PCI-E connector in order to supply enough power to the 8800GTS.

So I started by removing the PSU from the old dell machine:

I compared the pins on the motherboard connector the the pinout shown on the website. They matched. The next part took me awhile. I needed to find a viable solution to connecting the PSON (gray) wire to ground (black). I did not have any copper wire, so i used a very thin piece of solder wire.

I bent the solder into a U shape, and fit it into the 2 pin connectors. It fit perfectly. (sorry for the blurry pic)

Now to test it. I plugged the power supply into a wall socket, and tadaa. The fan was spinning, and that indicated to me that the power supply was active.

I decided to finally connect it to the 8800GTS 320. I used a Molex to 6-PIN PCIE adapter cable to do this. This is shown here.

I started up the computer with the 8800 inserted, and the PSU mod in place feeding power to the card.

It worked perfectly with no issues or warnings. YES!

Heres one last final pic of the entire mod put together. (I warn you, it’s very messy, Ill organize it later):

So after I found out it worked, I installed 177.40 drivers and got folding. I now have 2 dedicated GPU folding rigs.

There has been no problems whatsoever when the 8800 takes on load in the modded computer. Success!

I hope this will help some people who aren’t willing to shell out for a new power supply. And this mod was fun to do!

WARNING: If you perform this mod I nor take any responsibility for any PSU failures, hardware failures or other problems!

***Also, If you perform this mod the life of the modded PSU may be severely shortened if you don’t load the other rails of the PSU. This can be done by also connecting it to optical drives or other non-critical hardware. Thanks to those who gave me the heads up on this!

**** And remember, if you perform this mod and turn off the computer it is used in, remember to remove the plug from the back of the modded PSU, or it will stay on without a load. Doing so may result in the life of the psu being severely reduced!

Waiting On A Cold Day…Must Overclock

As some of you may know, I am beginning a multi-part cold winter air overclocking blog series over at You can already check out the first part here.

Lately it has gotten warmer where I am, so there has been no more achievements as far as overclocking goes. Once the winter decides to come back, I will have more content for you guys to check out!

Phenom II C3 Revision || Changes?

|Evolution C3|

C3 Features

|Higher Frequency Potential On All Types Of Cooling|

|Less Heat & Power (125W Vs 140W)|

|Lower Stock Voltages|

|Fixed 4 DIMM Slot Errata|

|Equal Overclocking Potential On 32&64-Bit Windows|

|Excellent Value|

|Top Of The Line AMD|



|See For Yourself|







AMD Phenom II Shatters 7GHz || Light Speed

Hey guys, I’d like to share with you an excellent video summarizing the past few months of achievements that AMD has had with Phenom II. As many of you may know, I was involved in the Austin, Texas event.

Check it out @ Youtube.

Watch it in HD!

[AMD/TR] Phenom II 965BE C3 Revision Review

Here are some fresh results/benchies from the new C3 revision of the 965BE. The testing was done by chew*. These look like they have a higher clock potential on all forms of cooling than the current chips. Check it out!

“The last time I did a major review, it was entitled “955 Unleashed”.

This time I would like to introduce AMD’s latest flagship processor, the C3 Revision 965 BE.

I made a few changes to the review method. Last time if you recall, I worked strictly in Windows XP, but this time I ran a multitude of benches in both XP and Vista.

I would like to take this time to thank AMD for giving me the oppurtunity once again to review and sample one of their latest and greatest CPU’s.

Special thanks also goes out to EnJoY and MSIMAX for taking time out of their schedules to come and bench with me.

That said let me cut the chit chat short and get to the results.

AIR bench configuration
AMD phenom II 965BE C3 ( review sample )
Gigabyte 790 FXT-UD5P
Corsair dominator GT 1866 7-8-7
PC power & cooling 860 + 1200W
Air heatsinks used Xigamtek 1284, True 120, megahalems
2x 4870×2 for 3d, some 2d with a 2600 pro”