Phenom II X6 DICE Run – Part 1: Board + Pot Prep

Hey guys, prepping for a DICE run tomorrow on my Phenom II X6 1090T

Thought you guys would appreciate some pics ;)

Went to the store today and bought the following:

Dielectric grease to coat the board to prevent condensation from getting at the electronics of this very precious motherboard.

I couldn’t get any moldable eraser, so I though this would do. It said on the package that it was non-drying, non-cracking, and prevented seepage from water. It provides just the perfect seal to prevent condensation.

Dielectric grease applied around the socket and board.

Plumbing putty applied around the socket. Nice and easy.

Picked up my box of goodies from the benchpartner (Addies) today.

The DICE Pot

Ready To Go ;)

Stay tuned guys. After my DICE run tomorrow, I will be posting a massive result thread, and making an HD video of the run. ;)

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