What Is Wrong With Me?

Last night I dreamt that I was picking out 1090T chips from golden batches for overclocking….hopefully this is what my future holds.

Although it is kind of weird I’d be dreaming of computers, cpu’s and overclocking right?

2 responses to “What Is Wrong With Me?

  1. Not at all :). I had a dream when 1090T was about to hit the market. I was dreaming that picked the golden one and it was stable at 4.5GHz on my system with a minor voltage increase, lol. I suppose that didn’t had the chance to see what it is capable of in terms of benchmarking, or I just don’t remember that part.

    Another one: I’m sittin’ on a chair in a some kind of a studio. There is a glass table and two guys sitting on chairs infront of me. These guys are Asus engineers and I’m explainign them how to make the ultimate AM3 board :D

    • Hahaha. So it’s good I’m not the only one then.
      Once again, maybe that is what your future holds :P

      Soon I’ll start dreaming of the new architecture, and overclocking the crap outta that.

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