Contribution of the Month | (November) – Winner!

Hey guys, won contribution of the month for November on

I won this award for my dry ice overclocking video, |Second Frost|

Here is the post on OCN:


Bringing back something like the contribution of the week we are going to showcase a thread every month that contributes to the community and award the creator a $50 cash prize.

They will be selected by our editorial staff based on:

1) It provided value to the community
2) It attracted significant attention both at and across the Internet
3) It was timely/innovative/newsworthy
4) It was in line with the values of the community

I would like to congratulate our first winner, Slappa for his video and thread “|Second Frost|”. It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes of benchmarking on dry ice. It also caught the attention of other sites as well as being included on the front page of HWbot.

I would like to thank you for your contribution, and congrats on being selected

I would like to thank OCN for this wonderful prize, as well as acknowledging my work on the net!

More videos to come!

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