Phenom II BE Core Balance + Batch Thread

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The Thread


-Use the stock AMD cooler provided with your X6/X4/X2 processor
-Use Any Black Edition CPU (955,965,1090T,1100T,555, etc)
If using a dual, it must be unlocked
-Boot with 1.475Vcore in the BIOS
-HT Ref set to 250
-Everything else stock so that nothing interferes
-Boot into OS (Good to use a stripped OS with less interference)
-Use AMD Overdrive 3.2.1DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.2.3
-Start with core #0 and see how many multi jumps it can make before it crashes. IE: made it to 4500MHz but crashed trying to go to 4625MHz, it is then considered 4500MHz.
-Work your way up until all the cores have been done
-Post your results for all cores + Batch + Chip VID + OS
-Screenshots not required, but helpful. No sense in lying in this thread anyways

This may be a lot to ask of you guys. However, this will be very interesting to see how many chips have combinations of good cores and bad cores and which batches are the most balanced and overclocked the best.

CPU Batch is on the IHS of the CPU, no other way to check. VID can be checked by looking at the stock voltage set in the BIOS on auto, but make sure C1E, CnQ and all that is disabled.

I’ll start with mine for an example:

Slappa – 1090T 1.3250VID – Batch 1018EPAW – Windows XP 32 Bit

Core #0 – 4500MHz
Core #1 – 4625MHz
Core #2 – 4500MHz
Core #3 – 4375MHz
Core #4 – 4500MHz
Core #5 – 4375MHz

So as you can see my core #1 is the best. This will show me what core to use when benching for superpi or other single threaded apps. This also tells me that I should use this core to suicide. Remember that when doing a 6 core overclock, the bad cores will hold your chip back. So cores #3 and #5 hold me back on my chip.

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