*April Update* – Explanation For Lack of Posts & Finally Reaching For LN2

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I am a student. With a heavy course load this semester, a girlfriend, a part time job, and maybe a slight… starcraft II addiction…. I have been keeping myself quite busy. I would like to apologize for my lack of posts….no I have not abandoned my tech hobby, just haven’t had the time to bring myself around to it.

However I have some new developments for you guys. My good friend addies over at overclock.net has acquired two 30L cryogenic dewars…one of which I will be purchasing from him. We are planning to do an LN2 run this saturday, and I will keep posted with the details on that. I may possibly be hosting a livestream so you guys can watch. If not, I assure you there will be video and pictures of the run. I will post up pictures of the dewars in a little bit so check back tonight.

Last month I made a post about the ending of forum wars 2011. Overclock.net came in second place, and my group came first in its class. Therefore we won prizes. Last week a little gift arrived at my doorstep. I will be posting a video in a few hours of the brand new NZXT Gamma case I have acquired. It is an awesome case and I cannot wait to unbox it for the first time so all of you guys can see.





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