I Fold. Do You?

An avid overclocker and tinkerer eventually runs out of uses for his computational power. Six cores and a powerful GPU demand to show off every once and awhile.

I suggest to anyone reading this blog. If you have your computer sitting idle half of the day, please fold. If you don’t know what folding is then let me explain. Folding is a distributed computing project that sends users protein data and runs simulations of these proteins folding and misfolding. The data is then sent back to Stanford University for analysis. Why is this important? This data is used to search for cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s disease.

Why do I fold?

1) For my grandpa.

2) To make good use of my computer.

3) For the fun and competitions between receiving points.

When each work unit is done being processed, you are awarded points if you have folded under your own username. There are many competitions between forums all over the net to see how much each team can gain. This competition drives and pushes folding purpose closer and closer to a cure. Why not help out?


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