Extending Battery Life In Llano Laptops – P-States With K10Stat

After owning this laptop for nearly a month, I can say it is an excellent unit. However this did not come without tweaking. Long days spent at school studying and working require a laptop with a long battery life.

At stock settings, the HP G6 does not do a very good job. At best with all power saving settings enabled, the laptop will last 2-3 hours on battery. Not to mention the processor temperatures run hot.

At 50% screen brightness, while web browsing at stock settings, this is what I get for battery life estimate:

Because I only run light applications on battery such as word processing, eclipse, or firefox and do not do heavy multitasking, I am willing to take a performance hit to extend the battery life. To do this I forced all P-states of my processor in K10stat, to 400MHz core speed with 0.6125Vcore.

That is a huge drop in voltage and speed, but the benefits are easily seen (same power saving settings as last run, except for the p-state changes):

To be honest, the performance hit is not that noticeable unless you decide to do heavy multitasking or HD video. My battery life is then extended 1-3 hours longer depending on activity. You can also setup a profile for P-states based on the load of the cpu. This will either bump up the cpu speeds or decrease the cpu speeds under specific load. Just remember to right click the tray icon of k10stat and click “Enable Clock Control”.

Hope some of you guys out there with llano laptops.



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