A6-3400M In All It’s Glory – Pictures

Tonight I ripped apart my laptop. This is a procedure I have done many times…not without pains.
I was hesitant to take apart this unit at first, but the processor temperatures were becoming a problem. I wanted to lower my temps. So I took the dive and took apart my HP g6 in order to put better thermal compound on the CPU.

Two hours later, I got to the center of the computer. Here are some awesome pictures for you guys. You will likely not find a picture of a laptop APU like this on the internet.

After replacing the thermal compound that came with the laptop, I saw a 5-7C drop in temps at load. Even greater drop at idle.



12 responses to “A6-3400M In All It’s Glory – Pictures

  1. Laptop manufacturers tend to be pretty sloppy with the way they apply thermal paste. Do you think it could have been their method of application that was the problem? i.e. was there too much or too little of the compound or do you think the compound was just plain bad at transferring heat?

    P.S. The text for filling in the info for commenting is white, and so is the background.

  2. awesome job bud. Any other pics or tips? I just got a 3400m today. Insane graphics performance for a $400 machine. Although they’ve had a hiccup with the FX, AMD is still solid in my mind.

    • Tips? Get K10stat installed ASAP. Some light overclocking/undervolting will make your $400 machine run a hell of a lot faster :)

      Battery will drain a little faster, because setting your own P-states disables some of the built in power saving features, even if you’re undervolting.

      I have no idea as of yet how to get the 6520G overclocked but I’m trying to figure it out.

      Yeah at least desktop bulldozer was an enthusiast only product which is a very small percentage of AMD’s market. Too bad I can’t say the same for the server side. If they keep pumping out better APU’s every year, they will be fine. Mainstream market is a bigger chunk of revenue anyways

  3. Hello everyone! I have a question connected with A6-3400M with built-in graphics Radeon HD 6520g.
    When I play for example Skyrim on everything set to ultra, or NFS The Run on highest quality, everything runs perfectly, but when I’m playing Counter-Strike 1.6, my fps significantly drops. For example, it goes down from 99 to 50, then it jumps on 75, stays at that level for few seconds, and then again starts to drop and raise (That’s case for public servers with more than 20 players).
    I’m running it on win7 ultimate.
    (System specs: AMD A6-3400M 1.4ghz quad core with radeon HD 6520g, 8gb of ram 64-bit OS)
    I already tried searching for help on gaming forums, but without success..
    I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place for such type of questions, but I got no choice.
    Any kind of help would be appreciated!

    • What is your ram usage looking like during gameplay? Perhaps monitor CPU speeds as well to make sure they are not jumping around. Last I would take a look at temps, although that seems weird when other games would play well. Check for any background applications, power state throttling etc. Update to the latest drivers (as these APU’s are brand new and 1.6 is an old game).

      Post back if you find anything

      • I’ve got the latest drivers for graphic card and everything else.
        You were right about CPU usage, it jumps around.. Core 1 is jumping to 99% when I’m in game, and the other three are somewhere between 55 and 80%. Temperature, measured by Speedfan is : HD0 34C, Temp 1 55C, GPU 53C, and GPU again 57C. Ram memory usage is normal, it stands still on 2.2 or 2.3 out of 8gb, while in game..
        Also, I couldn’t play Counter strike on XP cuz of another problem. Actually, on XP fps in cs was constantly on 4.0, and I wasn’t able to connect to any server, and whenever I closed CS, an error(Blue screen) occured, saying something about “ati2dvag”, if that means anything to you.
        Thx for helping me :)

      • Well because 1.6 is a pretty old game I imagine it doesn’t utilize 4 cores efficiently like new games. You are probably bottlenecked by the CPU in this case because the game is not graphically intensive. Maybe try setting the game affinity in task manager to be assigned to other cores rather than the first. If you can squeeze a higher OC that should help too.

  4. My laptop B475 uses this CPU and I want to upgrade to A10-4600M. Is it possible to do that? I never open my laptop due my lack of knowledge. Is it replaceable because I heard some manufacture solder the CPU directly on the PCB.

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