A6-3400M Playing Skyrim

I was impressed at this budget APU to be able to manage Skyrim. While it is not a graphically intensive game, the A6-3400M can still handle the game at playable frame rates with medium settings. Here is the video I made:

Not bad for a $400 Laptop :)

9 responses to “A6-3400M Playing Skyrim

  1. My Specs:
    AMD A6-3400M 1.4GHz(2.3GHz) QC
    4 gigs of RAM
    AMD HD 6720G2 1GB
    Windows 7 64bit
    should I be able to run skyrim on medium settings pretty smoothly?

      • what do u mean by “so grab K10stat and OC that CPU a bit”, sorry I’m still pretty new to this certain area of computers.

      • Hahaha, sorry. I’m a little bit stupid to think everyone is a geek like me.

        By OC i mean overclock. That is the process of speeding up your components past manufacturer (stock) specifications. There is not that big of a risk involved with it if you get some good advice and help. Doing this will give you a pretty good (and free!) performance boost in many applications including games.

        K10stat is an application (you can find it by just googling it) that allows you to overclock the A6-3400M and do what I mentioned above. If you want to know more you can write back. I could also help you overclock that laptop!



  2. Is this video made with an OCed LLano or stock? My brother has an A6-3400m notebook with no discrete video. His wife just got him Skyrim for XBox 360, and we’re trying to figure out how much better the gameplay will be on his notebook instead (he won’t OC until the warranty is out). Thanks for the advice!

    • Versus the laptop? hands down the game will play better on the 360. This video is just to show that the notebook is capable. The chip was OCed in this video.

  3. hey slappa,
    was this played on a llano with just the on board 6520g card?
    then i am sure that with a dedicated hd 6650 in crossfire mode, (the HD 6720g2), shouldnt skyrim run better?
    and if that was just the 6520g running this thing…..it is amazing!!! AMD doesnt deserve to be where they are in the market…….damn shame…..

    • It was indeed just the 6520G running the game. It would run much, much better with the 6720G2 setup. Skyrim is also a bit CPU heavy though, so the better the overclock/cpu, the better performance you will get

      The APU’s are going to revolutionize mainstream mobile computing. Intel cannot touch the graphical power that AMD has managed to fit in these chips. This years Trinity APU is shaping up to be an even better looking option.

  4. i have a A6-3420m and i run skyrim on high no oc but it stock at 1.5 turbo to 2.4 at 1280×720 same with assassin creed revelations i let the game pick the settings and just droped the res my normal res is 1600×900.

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