i5 2500K Folding @ 4.7GHz

This i5 clocked up to 4.7GHz no problem. My chip yields this speed at a fairly low voltage, allowing me to maintain power efficiency, but make a large gain in speed.

Here is a screenshot of my folding with the V7 beta client on my new processor:


The processor has been running stable at these speeds for over a week, and it barely breaks 60C temps. I am loving this setup!

Happy New Years!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new years. I hope all the best to all of you!

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog in this insignificant corner of the web, it means a lot to me!

This year will be an exciting one, with more extreme overclocking and hardware testing,as well as a few more guides when I find the time to write.

Cheers everyone!

Matt AKA Slappa