CES: AMD Shows Off New Llano Successor – Trinity APU

AMD has been spotted showing a laptop using the upcoming trinity APU. Trinity is shown being able to run a game and a 720P HD movie at the same time without a hitch. This will be an excellent contender in the ultrabook/notebook sector to Intel’s “Ivy Bridge”.

Some models of trinity is rumoured to be running as low as 17 watts of power. The CPU cores are based on new Piledriver based x86 architecture, and boasting Cayman based graphics on die. There will of course be many different variations of Trinity ranging from 2-4 Piledriver cores, more SP’s on the GPU and different thermal envelopes.

I am very excited for this release! Read more at pcper.com by clicking the link below!

News Source

Here is a video of a quick presentation the PR rep from AMD did for hothardware.com

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2 responses to “CES: AMD Shows Off New Llano Successor – Trinity APU

  1. Seems like it’s a smart thing to wait a couple of months for Ivy B or trinity if you want a compact, low power machine with decent graphics performance. No release date from AMD yet?

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