i5-2500K @5GHz & 5.2GHz – Benchmarks Videos

Hey guys. So instead of normal benchmark practice of taking screenshots of benchmark results, I decided I wanted to take videos instead.

I did all the following benchmarks on my system with the following specs:

i5-2500K @ 5GHz
Mushkin Ridgeback 2x2GB 1600MHz 6-8-6-24-1T Ram
ASUS P8P67 Vanilla
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

I did not tweak the OS at all for these tests, so better scores are very achievable at the same clockspeeds. Ram was also at stock settings. Anywho, here are the results/videos.

I then ramped up to 5.2GHz to test scaling in 1M SuperPi. But first, here is a quick video screen of the processor at 5.2GHz:

And now for 1m, you can see that the benchmark scales with CPU as I did not change the ram settings from the 5GHz run:

And that is it for now folks, thanks for checking it out. For my next few videos, I am looking to start testing this in the cold Canadian winter air to see how much headroom I have. I will also ramp up ram speeds.


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