3.2-3.3GHz Broken – A6-3400M APU!

These overclocks were just suicide runs. However getting to the speed on a laptop is nothing to scoff at. These were done with cold winter air.



Video of 3.2GHz

4 responses to “3.2-3.3GHz Broken – A6-3400M APU!

  1. Hi! I saw your previous posts about the APU, and i’m wondering if I can get better gaming performance with a A4-3300M + ATI 6750M than with a Phenom 2 n850 + ATI 6550M (my current notebook). There will be no costs to change my current with the new.

    I wonder if the 2,5ghz turboost don’t overheat the CPU, I know most games use only 2 CPUs (and old ones just 1, like 2 favorites of mine: Rome and Medieval Total War) so higher clocks > higher number of cores.

    Thank you!

    • RTS games are usually CPU heavy. However going from a triple core to a dual you probably won’t notice much difference. You will definitely see a boost in frames from the APU combined with the 6750M. As well, the cpu should be able to clock pretty high as the dual core APU does not put out as much heat as the quad. You could probably take it to 2.5GHz for 24/7 clocks not just turbo boost.

  2. Добрый день,Я был бы очень рад,если бы Вы обьяснили мне,почему в моем ноутбуке Lenovo IdeaPad Z575-A6 (59-312293) Когда я открываю core temp,то у меня tg max.=100* а не 115* ,как у всех .Обьясните пожалуста,в чем может быть дело?

  3. Good day, I would be very happy if you explained to me why my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z575-A6 (59-312293) When I open the core temp, then I tg max. = 100 * and all but I 115 *. Explain please, what could be wrong?

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