Slappa’s IceTube – A6-3400M APU Overclocked to 3.4GHz

I have recently been working on fixing my HP g6 laptop. As a result, everything is ripped apart down to the bare bone hardware itself.

That is when I started to get ideas. …

We all know that mobile llano (sabine) is capable of being software clocked using K10Stat. So I decided to bust out a lightweight dry ice pot and fill it with regular ice cubes!


All Set Up!

Down Pot Shot

Getting Frosty…oh and If you’re wondering why I’m reading the GPU temp, it is on die so it is the same as the CPU temp :)

Mobile Madness! 3.4GHz on an A6-3400M APU

Base Shot, and SODIMMs

Beware of condensation!
Fun Fact: Right after I took this photo the water leaked through the seal and dripped down onto the socket. Luckily I unplugged the motherboard before any damage was done.

Now for a couple fun little benchmark runs!

SuperPi 1M @ 3.3GHz

wPrime 32m 4 Threads
3400M @ 3GHz

Well all I can say is that was fun. The laptop motherboard I am using actually has a broken connector for the LCD screen so I am waiting for a new one to ship. Maybe I can pick up a cheap A8-3500M and do some benching on that!

5 responses to “Slappa’s IceTube – A6-3400M APU Overclocked to 3.4GHz

    • You are correct about it being a 1.4GHz CPU

      I have done DICE in the past, but to do it on a mobile chip? That would be nuts.

      Maybe I will try it ;)

  1. Hey slapoa ive been reading up what youve been doing with A6-3400m, im actually just starting sone ocing for the first time on my Toshiba Satellite L775d-S7226 upgraded to 8gb of ramn if I could get some guidance that would be great

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