I am an Extreme ¬†Overclocker and Hardware Enthusiast….in other words, a geek :). I got into computers in 2007 at the age of 14 and have had this hobby ever since. I like almost everything to do with tweaking, modding and using high end computers. I am currently a full time university student at the University of Calgary working towards a degree in Electrical Engineering, and also running a school sanctioned club called the Performance Computing Club.

Some of my other interests include playing guitar, travelling, anything to do with space, and playing squash.

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YouTube Channel

-Videos of my overclocking experiences

Overclock.net Profile

-Overclock.net community profile

Xtremesystems.org Profile

-Xtremesystems community profile

TechReaction.net Forum Profile

-Techreaction community profile

My Twitter

-Twitter account updated with links to my recent activity

My TechReaction.net Blog Posts
-A library of my articles can be seen here.

My QDig Picture Gallery – ln2cooling.com

-Picture gallery of hardware, overclocking adventures.

Overclock.net Phenom II X4 955 Overclock Database
-Just a database of 955 overclock submissions from members of the forum. I was the original creator, but it has now been taken over.

HWBOT Profile

-Hardware Bot community profile
hwbot signature

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