4.2GHz Stable 1090T – Air Cooling Venomous X-RT

Looks like the new Venomous X-RT is doing a good job. Heres 2 hours of prime.

Here’s SMP folding for 7 hours at the settings shown above.

Dry Ice & Phenom II X2 555 – 5648MHz

Did a live stream of my 555 dry ice run the other night. Not very eventful, however I did manage to pull out once decent core clock. This particular core was better than my best 1090T core which maxed out at around 5579 valid. Enjoy the MHz.



Phenom II X2 555 Cold Air Fun

Seems these new denebs have been surpassing the thubans quite a bit lately when looking at individual cores.

This 555 that I have here in my bench, has an extremely high VID (1.425V) which is normally terrible for a CPU meaning it will not overclock well. This chip did quite the opposite. Not as good as some 555’s, it still managed to unlock and overclock successfully. Here is what I did last night with it at around -7C to -8C.

Core #3


Corsair H50 chilled by cold air



Phenom II BE Core Balance + Batch Thread

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The Thread


-Use the stock AMD cooler provided with your X6/X4/X2 processor
-Use Any Black Edition CPU (955,965,1090T,1100T,555, etc)
If using a dual, it must be unlocked
-Boot with 1.475Vcore in the BIOS
-HT Ref set to 250
-Everything else stock so that nothing interferes
-Boot into OS (Good to use a stripped OS with less interference)
-Use AMD Overdrive 3.2.1DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.2.3
-Start with core #0 and see how many multi jumps it can make before it crashes. IE: made it to 4500MHz but crashed trying to go to 4625MHz, it is then considered 4500MHz.
-Work your way up until all the cores have been done
-Post your results for all cores + Batch + Chip VID + OS
-Screenshots not required, but helpful. No sense in lying in this thread anyways

This may be a lot to ask of you guys. However, this will be very interesting to see how many chips have combinations of good cores and bad cores and which batches are the most balanced and overclocked the best.

CPU Batch is on the IHS of the CPU, no other way to check. VID can be checked by looking at the stock voltage set in the BIOS on auto, but make sure C1E, CnQ and all that is disabled.

I’ll start with mine for an example:

Slappa – 1090T 1.3250VID – Batch 1018EPAW – Windows XP 32 Bit

Core #0 – 4500MHz
Core #1 – 4625MHz
Core #2 – 4500MHz
Core #3 – 4375MHz
Core #4 – 4500MHz
Core #5 – 4375MHz

So as you can see my core #1 is the best. This will show me what core to use when benching for superpi or other single threaded apps. This also tells me that I should use this core to suicide. Remember that when doing a 6 core overclock, the bad cores will hold your chip back. So cores #3 and #5 hold me back on my chip.

-10C Fun W/ 1090T & H50

Fairly Average chip. Best core was core #1 so i ran all my stuff on that. Ram is mushkin ridgebacks.

Rig is hanging out my window with H50 cooler.

Top H2O scores for 1m and 32m on the bot for this chip

Craziest Things I’ve Done With PC’s

Here is my post taken from this hilarious OCN Thread

-I’ve baked 3 graphics cards

-Killed a x1300 hard modding it

-Lots of pencil modding. Did my 5870 tonight:

-I have delidded around 3 Phenom II’s, one was an ES, 3 were 740 X3’s. I killed all except for one 740 either by crushing the core after delidding, or killing the chips in the delidding process:

-Put my finger in a fan today and sustained a large cut

-Spilled my melted slushbox cooling water (which had salt for lower tempertures) on my internet modem. I heard a sizzling and it would not power on. Salt water is super conductive. But eventually I dried the thing out and it still works fine to this day.

-I cooled my beers down with dry ice.

-I flip over cans of dust off and spray the super cold liquid (-50C) to cool down my cpu or graphics a bit during air benching

-I put my PC fully out my window fully exposed and caseless in -25C weather regularily. I did tonight for some 3D runs. One particular time there was a blizzard and I killed 2 790FXT-UD5P’s within 24 hours.

-Overclocking and benching with DICE while inebriated

-Plugging and unplugging harddrives and fans while the system is running

-Taken a pellet gun to a lidless 6000+ X2

-Slicing my finger open with an exacto knife while delidding a processor.

-Taking voltage measurements from the wrong spots on my 5870 and nearly killing the card.

-Sometimes for fun, I run 1.9 volts through my chips (555 X2, 955 X4, 1090T X6) on air cooling. I have yet to kill a CPU from voltage.