Laptop Llano (Sabine) Overclocking Guide – A4-3300M, A6-3400M, A8-3500M, MX

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff floating around on the internet on how to overclock these new AMD Laptop APU’s. This content consists of mostly a few youtube videos, and a handful of helpful forum posts. So I am taking it upon myself to compile all this information to be helpful to those of you looking to get more performance out of these chips.

Disclaimer: Normally laptops are not meant to be overclocked whatsoever. Doing so may also void your warranty on your laptop. Therefore the following information is provided at your OWN risk.

Maintaining Your Computer During The School Year – PC Tuneup

School is starting to mount on the pressure for first year university students like me. With this pressure comes a lot of studying and late nights spend working. Midterms are in full swing.

Work is starting to clutter up your desktop, physically and virtually. In this environment, you can’t be bound by a slow machine. Your productivity should not be limited by a PC’s ill-maintained state.

Extending Battery Life In Llano Laptops – P-States With K10Stat

After owning this laptop for nearly a month, I can say it is an excellent unit. However this did not come without tweaking. Long days spent at school studying and working require a laptop with a long battery life.

Phenom II IMC & Ram Overclocking Guide

Now, one area that people have mass amounts of problems is Ram/Memory stability and overclocking, as well as what role the IMC (NB) plays in affecting ram and performance.

Phenom II AM3 Overclocking Essentials Guide

Ever wondered why you can’t get past 3.6GHz on that new Phenom II? Some may claim it is a bad chip, but I for one, can guarantee you that is almost always not the case.

I have been overclocking this chip for weeks and studying how it acts while doing so. I may not be an AMD engineer, or an electrical engineer, but here is what I have found.

Modding A Power Supply To Become GPU Dedicated

So. I have an 8800GTS 320MB sitting around. I want to use it, but how do I place it into a Rig that has only a 300W power supply without blowing the thing up? How do I do this without spending money?
The answer is mod yourself a GPU dedicated PSU.
Heres what I did.

HD Radeon 5XXX Issues Addressed

If you are reading this now you have probably been searching for an answer. Why does my graphics card driver always crash? Why do I get consistent blue screens? Maybe some of you have narrowed it down to your graphics card and are ready to take the next step to fixing any problem you may have. Some of you have not, but if you have landed on this blog, it may provide some useful answers.

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