The *Lost* AMD Phenom II X3 740BE Review

AMD debuted Phenom II as their first 45nm retail part in the beginning of 2009. Since then, many have claimed the Phenom II to be AMD’s ticket back into the high-end desktop processor market. Shortly after these AM2+ parts came the AM3 refresh. The AM3 platform brought mainly one benefit that AMD was previously lacking; DDR3 Memory support. Not only that, but the AM3 nodes tend to overclock higher, which was important to enthusiasts. In this AM3 refresh, the Triple Core CPU’s came first: the X3 710 and the X3 720BE. These processors proved themselves to be excellent competitors to the Intel counterpart.

Real Value: G.Skill Pi DDR3 F3-10600 2X1GB Overclocked

Many of you got into overclocking to save value and money on your PC. This is exactly how I got started. Now I am here to present a part of value. The G.Skill Pi DDR3 F3-10600 2X1GB Set.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Review/Benchmarks

Ran a few benchies on the new chip at frequencies ranging from 3.9GHz-4GHz.

HIS HD Radeon 4850 512MB Review/Benchmarks

Hey guys. Got pretty bored, so I decided to put together an extensive 4850 thread. Hope you guys enjoy, I spent about three days compiling it.

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