Folding On The A4-3600m Processor

I decided to boost my A6-3400 up to its turbo boost speed of 2.3GHz and lock it at that. I also managed to lower the voltage. I wanted a real world stability test. Something I tend to use that stresses a lot of my computers is folding. What better way to find out of my cpu is stable at this voltage?

I was also curious as to see how many PPD this little chip could put out. The truth is not very much. If I had better cooling I could push it way further. Sadly, laptops aren’t designed for overclocking….especially not this one.

I figure if I do a cooling mod to my laptop, and run folding through a VM linux, or native linux….I could get way better performance from the chip. For now, this can only be taken as a glorified stress test.

2.3GHz is the chips default turbo boost, which runs at a very high 1.3250Vcore on my chip. I managed to lower this to 1.1125V, and it has been running F@H smp stable all day long. Temps are staying below 80 (almost the limit for these chips), which is good. Here is the screenshot, enjoy!