A6-3400M Llano @ 3GHz Cinebench

So I propped my laptop close to a window to prevent overheating on these runs. It’s great to know I can actually get this APU to run CB at 3GHz. Impressive for a laptop chip.

First here’s a 2.9GHz @ 1.2500V run to show scaling

Then the 3GHz @ 1.2875V run


With a score of 3.50 that puts this little APU in the same ballpark as Phenom II at 3GHz.

Pretty impressive for a laptop APU. Thanks for checking it out guys!

-10C Fun W/ 1090T & H50

Fairly Average chip. Best core was core #1 so i ran all my stuff on that. Ram is mushkin ridgebacks.

Rig is hanging out my window with H50 cooler.

Top H2O scores for 1m and 32m on the bot for this chip

Craziest Things I’ve Done With PC’s

Here is my post taken from this hilarious OCN Thread

-I’ve baked 3 graphics cards

-Killed a x1300 hard modding it

-Lots of pencil modding. Did my 5870 tonight:

-I have delidded around 3 Phenom II’s, one was an ES, 3 were 740 X3’s. I killed all except for one 740 either by crushing the core after delidding, or killing the chips in the delidding process:

-Put my finger in a fan today and sustained a large cut

-Spilled my melted slushbox cooling water (which had salt for lower tempertures) on my internet modem. I heard a sizzling and it would not power on. Salt water is super conductive. But eventually I dried the thing out and it still works fine to this day.

-I cooled my beers down with dry ice.

-I flip over cans of dust off and spray the super cold liquid (-50C) to cool down my cpu or graphics a bit during air benching

-I put my PC fully out my window fully exposed and caseless in -25C weather regularily. I did tonight for some 3D runs. One particular time there was a blizzard and I killed 2 790FXT-UD5P’s within 24 hours.

-Overclocking and benching with DICE while inebriated

-Plugging and unplugging harddrives and fans while the system is running

-Taken a pellet gun to a lidless 6000+ X2

-Slicing my finger open with an exacto knife while delidding a processor.

-Taking voltage measurements from the wrong spots on my 5870 and nearly killing the card.

-Sometimes for fun, I run 1.9 volts through my chips (555 X2, 955 X4, 1090T X6) on air cooling. I have yet to kill a CPU from voltage.

Phenom II X6 1090T 5GHz All 6 Cores Cold Air + H50

Hey guys,

Last time i did 5GHz on core #1. Well here is all 6 cores.

5GHz On Phenom II X6 1090T Using Cold Air

Hey guys

Taking advantage of winter, I just broke 5GHz with cold air on my 1090T.


Phenom II X6 1090T

5GHz Core #1, 3000NB, 2000MHz 7-9-6 Ram

Corsair H50 Watercooler (Performs Like High End Air)

Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5


8C Ambients + Corsair H50 = 24608 Marks 3DMark06

Opened up the window last night and let the winter air flow:


This is single card only. The 5870 was running at 900MHz/1300MHz.

OCN Small Time OCing Competition – 1st Place In AMD X4 Air Class

Hey guys,

I recently won a small time benchmarking competition on OCN. Had tonnes of fun. You can check out the competition thread here.

I managed to pull off all my scores a few days before the deadline. I used my regular setup, but through it in the windowsill for some cooler air intake.

Here were the contest rules:

And So I left my submissions here:


1M SuperPi: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=909738

32M SuperPi: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=909727

32M wPrime: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=909728

1024M wPrime: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=909729

Hexus PiFast: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=910519


My scores fell into place. I couldn’t get a top score in PiFast as it is based solely on core frequency where my chip happens to fall short.



My prize :D


Fun little competition. Thanks to all of those that participated over at OCN. I look forward to a challenge in the future.