14.601s Superpi 1m On Phenom II X6 1090T – Slushbox Cooling

Tuned my ram for this run. This allowed me to lower the NB speed and still beat my old result in my slushbox thread.

|Slappa’s Slushbox #2| – |4.8GHz X6|

|Slappa’s Slushbox #2| @ techreaction.net

I hit 4.806GHz all 6 cores on my Phenom II X6 1090T.

|Slappa’s Slushbox| – |Phenom II 1090T X6|

Check out my most recent cooling experiment on my brand new Phenom II X6 1090T

|Slappa’s Slushbox| @ overclock.net
|Slappa’s Slushbox| @ xtremesystems.org
|Slappa’s Slushbox| @ techreaction.net

Just when I thought it was bad….

Hey guys. I’ve just about had it right now and heres why.

I settled in last night for a cold air OC session with my usual setup. Popped open the window and began to OC. Halfway through bootup my comp simply shut down. I determined the problem to be my motherboard (MA790FXT-UD5P) , it seemed to have flaked out and died. I figured I’d put it through enough and it had had it’s time.

Not to worry, I have another of the exact same motherboard in my bros computer, so I figure I will take that and replace his with a cheaper alternative. So I toss that in my system. The board was working, but I was having boot issues. I eventually found out that the incident from the night before where my first board died also decided to take out one of my ram sticks. At this point I was starting to get upset.

So today I get a brand new Phenom II C3 rev and toss it in my motherboard with the one remaining ram stick. I play around with it a little and like the results I get. So once again, I decide to take it under cold air. This time however, I proactively insulated the board to ensure nothing would go wrong. First startup under cold air, it instantly turns off after about a second. I go to turn it back on again, however now I find that the motherboard does not respond to the power button. It seems I have managed to kill yet another motherboard.

I’m at wits end. I’ve had it. 2 Dead motherboards and a dead ram stick in 48 hours. I’m starting to think that I have the worst luck with hardware. Yes, doing any form of ocing in cold conditions is risking hardware, but I’ve seen hardware go through much worse and be fine.

I don’t even know what to do from here. Just felt I needed to share my frustration with you guys.

Upset and frustrated